What does he do?

Welcome agent is a job that consists mainly in welcoming, inform and direct the public. The welcome officer is the first image of an administration or a company given to the users and customers. He is generally their first interlocutor. Depending on the company, the welcome officer is assigned to identify the customer, give him a free pass. He directs the customer to the person with whom he has a meeting and indicates to him where the meeting room is. The welcome officer answers to the questions asked by the visitors. He can hand them an information pack on the company. The welcome officer might have to make some data entry or enveloping work for example depending on the crowd of the public.

In what conditions?

The welcome officer can work in any type of company, state or privately owned, in every sectors, culture, transport, tourism, social, medical, business. He can work alone or with a team, in the lobby or in an office. Generally, companies that need those profile are of a certain size. As he is permanently in contact with the visitors, the welcome officer must have an excellent demonstration and be courteous. He must be able to face a wide range of situations and flow of visitors and multitask. He can be confronted to aggressive users or customers. Depending on the places, he must work within the hours of opening. In a few industries such as hotels, tourism or culture, he can work in shift rotations. The welcome officer can have non-permanent tasks, during professional conferences, seminaries, cultural events, etc...

How ?

Safety agent must have a good presentation and know how to express himself fluently and easily. He must have a good knowledge (and memory) of its working environment (missions of the people and the organization). He must like being with people, be available, patient and react quickly. He must be organized and able to take initiatives. He must know how to analyze and process a request and adapt to any situation or client.