What does he do?

During sportive, cultural or any other event, safety agents welcome people and insures spectators’ safety and that the place is adequately used. The main function of a safety guard during those events are:

- Welcoming people with high quality and good use of space.
- Prevention and dissuasion of hostile acts in conformance with safety.
- Intervention in the case of emergency situation.
- Assistance of people by first aid.

In what conditions?

The safety agent works :

- In a company provided with its own safety and/or security service.
- Companies that organize festivals, concerts and shows.
- Social, cultural and touristic theaters.
- Social, cultural and touristic theaters.

How ?

Safety agent must have a good presentation and know how to express himself fluently and easily. He must have a good knowledge (and memory) of its working environment (missions of the people and the organization). He must like being with people, be available, patient and react quickly. He must be organized and able to take initiatives. He must know how to analyze and process a request and adapt to any situation or client.