What does he do?

Safety agents insures the prevention, surveillance and protection of goods and people while respecting laws and regulations and instructions from its superiors.
He detects anomalies and intrusions and manage the incidents. He also provides the different actions of protection: assistance to people in need, diagnosis, and first aid (if needed).
The safety agents intervenes at the request of the authorized staff or on release of an alarm. When the required intervention exceeds its privileges, he warns the competent services to put an end to the problem.

In what conditions?

He is in charge of making sure the regulations of the sites he watches are respected. He supervises the site in restricted scope which requires regular rounds. He must know how to reassure, assist, prevent the conflicts, and intervene in the case of a theft or an attempt of aggression… In case of an anomaly (mains failure, water leak, fire), he must intervene immediately: Lock all the accesses, evacuation of the people, organization of first aid… as defined in the instructions given by the head of safety.

How ?

Sense of the observation, consistency and good physical condition are the qualities required in this job. To be able to use assistance and help tools in the most effective way, the security guard has to remain calm and react quickly, in particular in the case of a fire, an alarm or an alert.
Respect of the rules of the job and the collective labor agreements while conjugating the safety imperatives: this is what the security guard has to consistently keep in mind. A certain ease in the contacts with the public and the emergency services is also necessary.