Director’s Editorial

“Nord Sud PROTECTION” makes sure to approach people and goods safety in an innovative way.

This know-how consists of an on-site presence which, without being ostentatious, is solid, serene and reassuring.

Furthermore, we favor narrow relationships of partnership with the people who trusted us.

The main fields of activity of “Nord Sud PROTECTION” are to facilitate your success in terms of safety by providing outreach services, in addition to security benefits while respecting the legal frame and separating safety and service activities.


“Nord Sud PROTECTION” makes a commitment to respect the moral and human values in all the situations.

“Nord Sud PROTECTION” staff makes a commitment to respect our internal procedures and our ethical code (respect of the regulation, individuals, safety standards…).

“Nord Sud PROTECTION” top management is always available to the customers and insures to provide high quality service by continuously working on its improvement.

Thanks to its state of the art sales tools and the strength of a hard-working and very capable group of employees, our operational team is quick to react.

Our strength

Safety and Security. Thanks to our experience, we developed an expertise in those fields and know that each situation is unique and different.