Every site needs to be protected whether it is an even or an industrial or cultural site: “Nord Sud Protection” hires competent, effective, reliable and trained agents to face the most difficult situations.

They have the necessary equipment to ask the authorities or the specialist rescue teams for an intervention.



More than 90 % of the problems within the public demonstrations today are a direct result of a failing safety.

Safety is a serious matter not accessible to everyone, it is not just about having an operational safety team but it is also an approach of prevention and preliminary study.

Safety of construction sites


“Nord Sud Protection” is a company specializing in safety services that provide tailor made solutions by each safety agents to protect a site from different types of risks.

It is our goal to provide the highest quality protection service available to each and every customer we serve.

Reception services


The agent assures many functions within which welcoming, surveillance and orientation in connection with the team. He provides both administrative and logistics tasks. He makes sure that people are welcome effectively and comply with safety, health and society rules.